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  Welcome to Footvox Studio - we Make Your Audio Dream a Reality!  


We are Sound Supervisor and Mixer A. Josh Reinhardt and Foley Artist Lara Dale. 

We have over ninety film and television credits to our name. We've worked on everything from "Twilight: Eclipse" to "12 Years a Slave" to "Expendables 3." We've

also done sound for such varied television series as "Rosemary'Baby,"  "Transparent," "Mildred Pierce"  and "Single Ladies." 

Footvox Studio LLC is the best choice for all your post production sound needs. We provide affordable, studio quality Foley, Editorial, Mixing, and Production Sound. We also love working with independent and documentary filmmakers to help them realize their personal vision.

 We are passionate about audio and the worlds of infinite sonic possibility that can be realized using skill, creativity and experience. Contact us today and find out how we can elevate your film, television, or animation project to the highest industry standards!


     TEAM & TEstimonials
Anne HS 065.jpg
“I wanted to say THANK YOU! My editor is so excited about it. He said the Foley made a huge difference and it bumps up the quality of the film like crazy! Thank you again!" 
       -Ilana Lapid  (Director "Yochi")
"I expected something good, this really exceeds my dreams. Thank you FootVox!” 
        -J.S.  (Editor/Director)
“I just wanted to say how impressed I was with all your Foley work. Every time we opened a track it was like a little gift.”
        - M.M.  (Writer/Director)
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