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"Rosemary's Baby" - Two Part Mini-Series on NBC.

Foley Artist Lara Dale in slasher mode for the gore scenes in "Rosemary's Baby."

The Devil's Entrance from "Rosemary's Baby."

Roast chicken sacrificed for "Rosemary's Baby" gore scenes.

Foley Artist Lara Dale speaking about the art of Foley and the story of its founder, the talented Jack Foley.

Sound Mixer and Recording Engineer Josh Reinhardt explaining how many Foley layers, or "sweeteners" go into a seemingly simple film soundtrack.

Foley Artist Lara Dale discussing Foley for animation in the short film "A Fish Out Of Water" by Denali Schmidt.

Navajo Director and Filmmaker Sydney Freeland talking about the worldwide reception for "Drunktown's Finest."

Navajo Director Sydney Freeland discussing a scene in "Drunktown's Finest' where Foley is intrinsic to the story.

Foley Artist Lara Dale getting into character with the assault rifle prop used for the combat scenes in "Expendables 3."

Foley Artist Lara Dale and Sound Engineer Josh Reinhardt demonstrating the gun and gear effects that were used to create the battlefield noises for the movie "Expendables 3."

Sound Engineer Josh Reinhardt in combat mode with a machine gun prop from "Expendables 3."

Director Chris Boone at the premiere of his movie "Cents," interviewing Sound Engineer Josh Reinhardt and Foley Artist Lara Dale about Post Production sound.

Cents - The Movie

Lead Actress Julia Flores in the Opening Scene from "Cents."

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